We help people make healthy choices, manage health conditions, and create healthier environments.

Through research-based education and community partnerships, the UT Extension Department of Family and Consumer Sciences engages individuals, families, and communities to ensure Tennesseans have the opportunity to achieve the best health possible.

Resources and Programs in Your Community

We offer the following research-based programming to our Extension county agents for use in communities across Tennessee. To learn more about these resources and which programs are offered in your community, contact your county Extension Office.

To learn more or to find out if this program is available in your community,

contact your local FCS Extension Agent.

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Providing resources for prevention and management of cancer for individuals and caretakers

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The goal of the program is the reduction of breast and cervical cancer mortality through increased awareness, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Pink & Teal combines the educational delivery system of University of Tennessee Extension with the screening services of the Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program of the Tennessee Department of Health through county-based partnerships.

A six-week program that teaches cancer patients and their families skills in dealing with the treatment and survivorship phases of the cancer care continuum.​​​​​​​​​

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Chronic Conditions
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Helping people make healthy food choices to prevent and manage chronic conditions

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The following programs are a coordinated effort between our health and nutrition experts.

Cooking Up Healthy Smiles helps families prepare meals and snacks using foods that reduce the risk for diabetes, obesity, and poor dental health by focusing on reducing added sugar and increasing complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), consuming a healthy breakfast, and choosing more healthy protein foods.

Dining with Diabetes is a hands-on learning program designed to teach practical skills needed to comply with the health care provider’s instructions. Food demonstrations included in each lesson to teach quick-and-healthy cooking techniques. Participants also learn how to count the amount of carbohydrates in food, how to modify recipes to reduce calories, carbohydrates and fat and how to plan a balanced diet for a specific calorie level.​​

Live Healthy Work Healthy is an evidence-based worksite wellness program designed for employees to develop skills to balance their home and work lives, while managing their chronic health condition(s)

A six-week evidence-based group education program that teaches people practical skills they need to live well with a variety of health conditions. Through weekly sessions, the workshop provides support for continuing normal daily activities and dealing with emotions that arise from having a chronic condition.

Pathweighs to Health is a toolkit that contains interactive lessons to promote the skills needed to adopt healthy lifestyles. Skills learned help participants achieve and maintain weight goals and prevent chronic diseases. Participants learn why some foods promote cravings and how to overcome cravings. They learn how to plan and prepare healthy meals on a busy schedule, how to make healthy decisions in the supermarket and how to incorporate physical activity in their daily life. They also learn how stress and inadequate sleep contribute to obesity and learn stress-management techniques.​​

A six-week evidence-based program that helps individuals take day-to-day responsibility for their diabetes care. Participants gain skills necessary to self-manage their diabetes and work effectively with their healthcare professionals.

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Physical Activity
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Helping people be active and move more

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A Matter of Balance is an eight-session community class specifically designed to reduce the fear of falling, stop the fear of falling cycle, and improve activity levels among community-dwelling older adults.

Matter of Balance Workshop Registration

Health Information for Men (HIM) is an eleven-module program targeting middle-aged males. The program’s goal is to encourage men to make more effective choices in their health management. Each module requires about 30 minutes to present and includes a participant activity, an action plan for behavior change, and handouts.

This eight-week program is designed for people with arthritis to reduce pain and stiffness and help maintain or improve mobility, muscle strength, memory, and balance. Individuals of all ages and mobility levels can benefit from this low impact course. ​​​​​​

Eight-week team walking program to log miles walking, jogging, biking, dancing, or other types of physical activity. ​​​ Walk Across Tennessee Website.​​​​​​

In this walking program, participants meet for several sessions. Each meeting session includes a brief discussion of a topic important to successful walking or arthritis management, followed by the group walking session. 

Become a UT Extension Health and Wellness Ambassador Today!

The Extension Health and Wellness Ambassador Program is a health-focused master volunteer program aimed at improving health in Tennessee. This program trains community members in a range of health and wellness topics and supports participants as they use their knowledge in service to help others live healthier lives.

To learn more about programs and resources offered in your community, contact your county Extension Office.

Sponsored Programs of Our UT Extension FCS Community Health Experts

PROMPT TN: Preventing Rural Opioid Misuse through Partnerships and Training in Tennessee
Our pilot program in Chattanooga provides valuable resources on the fundamentals of lead poisoning.