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Money Management: Individual Activity

"Making Change"


  • Money management - making change


Youth will compete individually to determine the correct change for two imaginary purchases. At the station, the facilitator takes the role of the customer and the contestant takes the role of the cash register clerk. For the first purchase, contestants will complete a worksheet showing the number of different bills and coins that would provide correct change for a purchase made by the facilitator. For the second purchase, contestants will be asked to correctly count out change for a second purchase to the station facilitator.


Youth will be able to:

  • Determine the number and type of bills and coins for change.
  • Count out the appropriate change for a purchase.



Scoring will be on a 50 point basis. Participants will score 20 points for the worksheet problem, and a total of 30 points for accurately counting out change for the remaining problem - 20 points for giving the correct amount of change and 10 additional points for using the proper way of counting out the change. There are no partial scores - it's all or nothing for each activity. (See "Notes" for the correct way of counting out the change to the "customer.")


In order to use the proper way of counting out the change, the contestant should count change out to the customer starting with the amount of the purchase and ending with the amount the customer gave the "clerk." For example, if you give the contestant a $20 bill for a purchase of $5.95, the contestant should:

Do something like this Say something like this
Take the $20 and place it beside the cash register Five-ninety-five out of twenty
Give you a nickel 6 dollars
Give you 4 ones 10 dollars
Give you 1 ten 20 dollars. Thank you!


Dena Wise
Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences
119 Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4501

Phone: 865-974-8198
Fax: 865-974-5370
E-mail: dkwise@utk.edu

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